StevlShefn-49. The ExplanationStrangely innocent, funny and eccentric

Meet Stevl Shefn – an enthusiastic man who speaks an unknown language, a tongue twisting childish gobbledygook that apparently means something quite different to what it sounds.  And then there’s Fatima – a woman from the same unknown country, except her voice is very beautiful, low and sophisticated.  At odds with Stevl’s childish playfulness, she translates… but is she actually translating what he is saying or is she having a joke at everyone’s expense.

Combining voice play, physical humour and musical numbers with genuinely witty story telling, Stevl and Fatima take you on an off-beat and darkly funny journey through relationships. From dating to break-up, psychology to politics, it’s a subject that translates riotously when this duo is in charge.


Winner Best Comedy – Adelaide Fringe 2010
Winner IAF Award for Innovation– Adelaide Critics’ Circle 2010
Winner  Best Show -comedy (professional category)  Adelaide Theatre Guide 2011
Moosehead Recipient & Golden Gibbo Award Nominee  – Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2010
Best Comedy Nominee – Fringe World – Perth 2012  
Finalist Best Comedy – Sydney Fringe 2012

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“let the benign weirdness wash over you while waiting for the occassional moments of hilarious warped brilliance to erupt” (Chortle Magazine)  read more

“sweet strangely innocent, funny and eccentric… unlike anything you’ll see at the festival, possibly ever” (Groggy Squirrel) read more

“a truly beautiful deviation from the traditional three beat rhythms of performance… a fine example of the imagination going gently wild. Go catch it if you can.”  (Theatre Junkies) read more 

“Sheehan and Beech, in tandem, are one of the best laughter machines.” (Australian Stage) read more

“a compellingly odd performance” (The Age Review)  read more


photo credits: Sam Oster

Brief Synopsis:  A man speaking gibberish translated by a woman wearing a burqa tells a fantastical tale about his relationships.  One story involves a vacuum cleaner who makes an appearance onstage.  Adult themes. Duration 45mins.

Stage requirements: 3m x 4m.  Tech requirements: 1 x mic, 1 x DC for electric piano.   Sound: CD player.   Lights: One special light state plus general wash.  2 hour tech and initial set up.   15 minute set up/pull down.

Poster for Sydney Fringe season at New Theatre 2012

Stevl Shefn Syd.A4


Premiere season 2010 Adelaide Fringe

2010 Melbourne Comedy Festival

May 2010 Marion Cultural Centre

2010 Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival

November 2010 Crimson Goat Cabaret Club and The Butterfly Club Melbourne

2011 Adelaide Fringe Garden of Unearthly Delights

2011 Brisbane Comedy Festival

2012 Fringe World – Perth

2012 Sydney Fringe Festival

2013 Desert Fringe Port Augusta